About Us

Hope Reins Foundation is a 501(c)3, non-profit, Equine Assisted Therapies program. Hope Reins Foundation offers mental health services to families and youth, individuals, veterans, and corporations. Our team is certified in the EAGALA model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Our herd of 12 horses and 2 donkeys consists of 8 geldings, 5 mares, and 1 stallion as well as rescue horses. Our herd is a very talented group of Paso Fino Horses. We have partnered with Rocking Double H Paso Fino Horses, a Paso Fino Farm & Rescue that has a wonderful program for rehabilitating horses. These horses willingly partner with our clients on their mental health journey.

Hope Reins services are available in the Pacific Northwest Panhandle of Idaho in Kootenai, Bonner, Shoshone and Benewah Counties. Nestled in the trees of North Idaho we have a fair amount of weather but we work outside as much as possible so our clients can have a truly experiential session with the horses. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy offers clients the experience to externalize their emotions, realize their goals and come up with solutions within themselves.

Click on this link to view our video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19L1n0qedzxIn9d4TWRrdFGJjX2ErEtmf/view?usp=drive_web

A Portion of our Team

Duque, Linda, Pilsen, Elegancia, Christie, Testigo, Tiger & Terri

Christie our CEO/Director and Bolero our herd Stallion! Christie is an EAGALA Certified Professional and ARCH Founding Member. Christie leads our Clinical team of Therapists, Horses & Clients to bring the highest quality of care to our community. Christie has come to love the Paso Fino breed for their intelligence and smooth gait. She has trained and ridden Paso Fino Horses for 14 years and has worked along side of horses in Equine Assisted Psychotherapy since 2018.

Samantha Roberts is one of our Mental Health Professionals. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, LCSW, Eagala Certified Mental Health professional, and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist.

Linda our CFO/Director and Duque our herd gelding! Linda is one of our Eagala Equine Professionals and is the Chair of our Volunteer Program!
Linda fell in love with the Paso Fino horse in 2006 and has never looked back. Linda sits on several boards to advocate for the well being of horses as well as her current position as President of the Northwest Paso Fino Horse Association and National Delegate. Linda is also the Past Chairman for the Breed Welfare & Ethics Committee for the Paso Fino Horse Association.

Terri and Tiger, Terri is one of our Equine Professionals!!

Terri serves on our board of directors and is an Eagala equine specialist. Terri has ridden Paso Fino horses for several years and has contributed to the welfare/rescue of Paso Fino Horses and is an integral part of Hope Reins volunteers!

Staff and Volunteers, Laurie, Terri, Christie, Linda and Vicky. All give hours and hours of their time to keep our horses in the best shape possible through various forms of holistic healing and light therapy. We appreciate all of you so much and could not do this work without you.
Pilsen, our herd mare, Trote y Galope!
Regalo, Duque and Alferez a few of our herd geldings!
Bolero our herd stallion, Trote Y Galope
Dama Elegancia, one of our herd mares!

Regalo, known for his attitude and being a great lesson horse
Gabriella, one of our herd mares, specializing in our younger clients.
Testigo de Besilu, one of our herd geldings!
Beautiful Pilsen
Impacto one of our herd geldings


The newest additions to our equine therapy team, Chili (above) and Teddy (below). They are both the sweetest boys and great at working as therapy donkeys. They are pictured with Lily, one of our volunteers that helps with things around the ranch and training and riding horses. Lily is Parelli certified.
Cruiser (Goober)

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is an interactive experiential therapy with horses and people. Hope Reins Foundation, Horses for Mental Health applies the Eagala and ARCH model of Equine Assisted Therapies. The Model is a collective team of Mental Health Therapists, Equine Specialists, Horses and the Clients. We also offer day clinics for riding and learning. Our horses are all Paso Finos and Trote y Galope breeds. They are very willing to attend sessions and give true feedback to the client.

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Equine Assisted Psychotherapy